Considering Corrugated or Solid Core Board

Considering Corrugated Archival Board for Box Making:


Lightweight Convenience: Opting for corrugated archival board ensures a lightweight solution, making it more manageable during handling and transportation.

Cost Effective Appeal: This material is often a more budget-friendly choice, offering a cost-effective option for archival storage without compromising quality.

Customization Flexibility: Corrugated board is highly customizable, allowing you to easily cut and shape it according to your specific storage needs. This flexibility can be particularly advantageous for tailored box designs. Corrugated board is easy to cut and crease and less prone to cracking.

Shock Absorption Benefits: The inherent structure of corrugated board provides a degree of shock absorption, safeguarding archival materials against minor impacts or vibrations.

Corrugated board is not only due to its lower cellulose material content (e.g. corrugated board MW 1.6 mm with 560 gsm versus solid material thickness 1.6 mm with 1200 gsm) an economical and affordable product, but also provides greater stability for the same material thickness compared to solid board material (light-weight principle; aircraft technology). 



 Considering Solid Core for Box Making:


Superior Rigidity: Opting for solid core materials provides enhanced rigidity and structural stability, ensuring the preservation of delicate and valuable archival materials over the long term.

Durability Assurance: Solid core materials generally offer greater durability and resistance to wear and tear, promising a longer lifespan for archival boxes.

Greater Load-Bearing Capacity: Solid core materials can withstand heavier loads, making them well-suited for storing larger or denser archival collections.

Improved Moisture Resistance: Certain solid core materials, particularly acid-free boards, may offer superior resistance to moisture, providing better protection for archival materials.

Solid board material has increased puncture and fire resistance values.