About Conservation Resources

Dive into the world of preservation with Conservation Resources UK!

For over 40 years, CR has been the trusted partner for museums, galleries, libraries, and archives around the world. We're passionate about Preserving The Past For The Future.

Empower your preservation journey with our extensive range of premium conservation supplies:

  • Acid-Free Boxes: Keep your precious artefacts safe from harmful deterioration.
  • Museum Boards: Provide a sturdy and archival-safe foundation for displaying artwork.
  • Specialist Papers: Discover the perfect paper for every conservation need, from delicate restoration to long-term storage.
  • Sheeting Materials: Shield your collections from dust, light, and environmental damage.
  • Polyester Rolls & Pockets: Ensure exceptional clarity and preservation for your most valuable items.

Beyond exceptional products, you'll gain access to our team's expertise. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to embark on your preservation mission? Explore our product categories and discover how CR can empower you to protect the stories of the past for the future!

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