Environmental + Green Policy

Green Policy

We actively encourage recycling of our packaging materials

Our packaging supplies have been selected not only to offer quality and value and provide maximum protection for your possessions in transit or storage, but also in consideration to the environment. All our products are made from recycled materials or are recyclable themselves.

Company Policy dictates that we recycle;

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Office Furniture – to charity
  • Plastics
  • Bubble wrap
  • Metals
  • Batteries
  • Cartridges
  • Mobile phones

We have a no under bin desk policy to encourage our staff to recycle as effectively as possible within the company.

We are sister business to Jamie Briggs Removals & Storage; they use a lot of cardboard for the removal jobs, both commercially and domestic and have a lot of onsite storage for retail outlets. We at Conservation Resources re use and recycle their packing materials for our packing materials rather than purchasing board/cardboard.

We deliver to the OXFORD area in our ZERO emission, ELECTRIC VAN

If you have a delivery address in Oxford, we will deliver the products to you for FREE. We will deliver them in our ZERO emission electric van from our base in Upper Heyford, North of Oxford. The Mercedes Sprinter will be used to make deliveries to customers. Its range of up to 180 miles on a single charge means it’s capable of making multiple deliveries all around Oxford at any time. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet with us and have your products delivered to your door.

Our use of off cuts from Bespoke, made to measure poly pockets and box board

The materials we use to make bespoke products for our customers are organised for recycling use or recycling waste. We pursuit to recycle as much material as possible to reduce the amount of waste leaving our site.

Materials used are bespoke made for your order of products, we may use off cuts from previous orders for your order, this is to reduce the amount of waste being placed into landfill.

Chemical Waste

We supply chemicals and are often decanting a product from one pot to another for customer orders. We aim to recycle pots that have been used in this process without cross contamination of chemicals. Once a packaging of a chemical has been used and cannot be recycled, we follow the strict instruction on the Data Sheet for placing the packaging into waste.

Chemicals that have a residue in their packaging is decantated into a smaller packaging to ensure we are using as much of the product as possible but to also follow the strict guidelines in the data sheet provided with the product. If we are in need to dispose of a chemical product, we will follow the instructions and dispose of correctly.

Local suppliers and our community

We encourage the use as local suppliers as possible for business purposes, supporting the local community and reducing unnecessary journeys or deliveries. Usable products which are unsuitable for resale are recycled on site for use as samples and / or provided to our local conservation community.

Last Updated 12/10/2021