Plastazote - LD45

Plastazote LD45 is an indispensable tool for conservators and collectors seeking a durable and protective material for their valuable items. This closed-cell foam, crafted from cross-linked polyethylene, boasts a remarkable density of 45 kg/m3, making it exceptionally resilient and capable of safeguarding a wide range of delicate artefacts. Whether safeguarding specimens, tools, equipment, coins, or medals, Plastazote LD45 provides exceptional cushioning and protection against shock, vibration, and surface scratches.

This versatile foam can be effortlessly cut using a heavy-duty utility knife or a Thermocutter, allowing for precise customization to fit any object or storage solution. Plastazote LD45 is not only a guardian of precious items but also a champion of sustainability. Its inert and non-toxic nature ensures that no harmful substances will leach onto or damage the objects it safeguards.

Due to its unique properties, Plastazote LD45 is shipped based on volume rather than weight. This ensures that the product arrives in pristine condition, ready to serve as a trusted protector for your valuable possessions.