Synperonic A7

General Description

An alcoholic ethoxylate, 100% active solution introduced to replace the original 27% active ‘N’ grade which is widely and successfully used for a variety of conservation processes including as a detergent, wetting agent, surfactant, emulsifying and dispersing agent.

Synperonic A7 is an alcoholic ethoxylate and like its predecessor ‘Synperonic N’ is a mild detergent generally used for the removal of tar and ground in grime, in conservation ot has also been used as a wetting agent and to eradicate ground-in stains on a variety of substrates including textiles; paper, chinaware and porcelain; encaustic floor and fireplace tiles, and glass. ‘Synperonic A7’ is readily biodegradable, conforming to EEC directive 82 / 242.

Soluble in Water, Ethanol, Glycol Ethers, Chloroform / Carbon Tetrachloride, Vegetable oil. Insoluble in Mineral oil.

The chemical stability of Synperonic is high and in particular, it is very resistant to hydrosis under acid or alkaline conditions. It does, however, interact with oxidising agents and reducing agents.

Technical Information

 Odour Mild
Appearance White viscous liquid at 20 C
Melting point / Range Appox. 21 C
Boiling Temperature Product will be stable up to 120 C
Viscosity 21 Mpa.s @ 50 C
Autoignition Temperature 385 C
Specific Gravity @ 50 C 0.958
pH 5.66 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility in Water Soluble > 10g / 100g
Flash Point 198 C (open cup)

Instructions for use
‘A7’ is a more concentrated form of wetting agent than its predecessor and must therefore first be diluted with water before reducing still further to create an active working solution.

Best results will be obtained by slightly warming the concentrate prior to mixing. The translucency and break down of the concentrate will be improved significantly with ‘A7’ forming a more viscous solution. Alternatively allowing the concentrate to stand in a warm

Room briefly prior to dilution or heating the container of concentrate itself ever so slightly in water at up to approximately 30 C may prove adequate.

Take approximately 1.5 ml ‘Synperonic A7’ and mix with 98.5 ml of water to arrive at concentration equivalent to the old ‘Synperonic N’. 30 C Mix the pre diluted ‘A7’ with water at a ratio of 1-part solution to 20 parts water or with a spirit based solvent as below. Warming the initial concentrate may ease dilution.

For the removal of grime from encaustic tiles a 50 / 50 based solution with white spirit and water has been found to form an excellent cleansing mixture when applied with a soft cloth or sponge. (using ‘Synperonic A7’ mix 1 litre white spirit, then mix in 150 ml of A7 to produce a working solution equivalent to the former Synperonic N quality).

When mixed with solvents, PPE should always be worn, and sufficient ventilation maintained in accordance with the products being used.