3 Years at the Museum + Heritage Show

The bright lights of the Museum + Heritage show buzzed with a familiar energy for the team at Conservation Resources (UK) Ltd. Three years in a row, they'd been a part of this vibrant event, and this year felt monumental.

It all started in 2022. Fresh under new management, their first booth was a modest 2m x 1m space. Nervous excitement crackled in the air as they showcased their high-quality conservation materials – acid-free boxes, museum boards, the best in archival storage. They interacted with curators, archivists, and museum professionals, learning about their specific needs and challenges. By the end of the show, they'd not only established valuable connections but also secured a surprise victory. Their innovative sign-up campaign had driven the most attendees through the door in 2021, earning them a free 2m x 2m booth for the following year!

2023 was a turning point. The larger space allowed them to showcase a wider range of products, from specialist papers to protective sheeting. Their booth buzzed with activity as visitors eagerly explored the materials, discussing ways to preserve their precious collections. The win from the previous year had placed them on the map, and conversations flowed easily.

And then came 2024. Stepping into the exhibition hall, the team felt a surge of pride. Gone were the days of the small booth. In its place stood a stunning 4m x 2m open space. Striking graphics and vibrant colours brought their brand to life, creating a professional and inviting atmosphere. It was a culmination of their hard work and dedication, a physical representation of their growth in the museum and heritage community.

As the familiar throng of attendees poured through the doors, the Conservation Resources team eagerly awaited the opportunity to connect, share their expertise, and ensure that the precious artefacts of the past would be preserved for generations to come. This year wasn't just about showcasing products; it was about solidifying their place as a trusted partner in heritage preservation. The journey, from a small booth to a prominent space, mirrored their commitment to the cause, and the future gleamed with exciting possibilities.