A Conservator at Conservation Resources

We at Conservation Resources are delighted to welcome Caroline Checkley-Scott to the team. With over thirty years working in the sector she brings a wealth of experience to the next chapter for CR.

As an ICON accredited conservator (ACR) and a Fellow of the International Institute of Conservation (FIIC) we believe that we are the only UK based conservation supply company with a conservator on the team, and with this level of experience. As we all start to understand life with Covid we at CR know that we will be changing too.

She says ‘Both working as a conservator and then in product sales I knew the Conservation Resources UK story-supplies museums, galleries, libraries and archives across the globe selling a comprehensive range of high-quality conservation products such as acid-free boxes, museum boards, specialist papers polyester pockets and rolls.

What I did not know was the wealth of experience they had in heritage book and collection moves and storage. Reassuringly, the same conservation and preservation standards upheld at CR are also being are being used for your moves’

Exciting times here and we have a lot to do. We know that it’s been a tough time for the conservation, museum and heritage sector but we want you to know that the changes we are planning at CR will help to make your return as easy and successful as possible.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Caroline and if you have any projects you want to discuss, products you want us to help source, even in the initial stages we are here.


Jamie Briggs

Managing Director