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For February we are inviting you to find out more about our products which are Made in or Manufactured in Britain. 

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1st February 2021

We will update this Article as the emails are sent out.

Through February we will be taking you through our products which are made in Britain. We hope you'll be surprised at what is made or manufactured here on our doorstep.

Please do read through the below products and check out our articles on our website.

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In this email we included items:

Soft hair dusting brushes Shop now

Archival polyester pockets Shop now

Rustins Quick Drying Ceramic Glaze Shop now

Stately Home Brushes with Wooden Handles Shop no

Leather Covered Lead Weights Shop now


8th February 2021

We are concentrating on a particular supplier who make amazing products this time.

The below Picreator products are made with such detail and precision. These are used all over the world but they are Produced in Britain.

Vulpex - one of our biggest sellers, has been used to clean many types of things including Victorian tiled floors in old houses/ churches, soot stained fireplaces, oil paintings, and gravestones. Vulpex is often used with our smoke sponges to help clean any ceramics and fire damaged properties.

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Vulpex Spirit Soap 

Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish


Renaissance Metal De-Corroder


15th February 2021

This week we our showing you the products we produce which are made with British sourced materials.

Our manilla and boxboard is sourced from a Mill in England are produced to our unique colour.

We produce the below products on site with our machines at Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire. This includes hand gluing our Expanded Gusseted Folders with Evacon R.

Every product we produce is quality checked by our amazing team here at Conservation Resources.

Our Archival Storage boxes and folders can be accessed here

22nd + 28th February 2021

Throughout February we have taken you through some of our products which are made in Britain. We hope you'll have been surprised with some of the products of which you have seen in the recent emails.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the products throughout February and if you have any information or ideas of which might be helpful, do let us know by calling, emailing or messaging us on our social media pages.

Thank you to all our suppliers in the UK for these amazing products and to you our customers who are ordering these products.