CRKA Vacuum

Cordless - Battery Powered - Light Weight - Power Control

The CRKA Vac is the perfect device for cleaning up all types of collections.

Not only does it come with a high level filter, it is also cordless, battery-powered, and does not require disposable bags.

With its variable control and eco mode, you can adjust the speed and increase the use time of the battery, giving you an impressive 42 minutes of run time.

What's more, it is easy to clean and maintain, with its removable tray and the ability to recharge and store away.

Plus, with a range of extras available on our website, you can customize the vac to fit your individual needs.

Our friends over at National Conservation Service have been using the CRKA Vac on many of their projects are loving the cordless ability of using the Vac. it really helps speed up the cleaning and ability to reach all of the hard to reach areas.

The CRKA Vac is so light weight they can hop up the ladder or scaffolding to get to the high places without a cable trailing behind them.