Making a Casting with our Products

 The intertwining use of Milliput within the Conservation Industry.

These images demonstrate how we use Terracotta Milliput to recreate missing components on furniture.

Firstly, use a dental impression putty to take an exact copy of the component you want to recreate.

Then select the correct colour of Milliput.

Combine equal quantities of the 2-part epoxy putty until mixed equally


Then, gently press into mould ensuring there are no air pockets and each piece has melded together

Load the mould until it is full

Allow the Milliput to cure and then remove from the mould

When the Milliput has cured, release from the mould and shape to the desired form.

The products being used are Silicone Impression Material, which can be sold to you as a kit with a large putty pot and a large tube of catalyst paste (and it smells of mint!) We also recommend our Steramould Moulding Compound for this type of casting and is  great tool to keep in the workshop. And our range of Milliput which is used in this process but also another useful product that can be kept in a cool dry place in your workshop.