Materials and Supplies in the Future

Dear valued customers and friends,

We hope that you are all well and staying safe. The current situation in Ukraine is on all our minds and our thoughts are with the people there.

As you all know Conservation Resources prides itself on high quality products and exceptional customer service and we work tireless to maintain our standards whilst keeping prices as fair and competitive as possible. 

Speaking with our suppliers and makers we know that times are tough, even more so now with the recent events, and we are working together to better understand the impact of materials shortages and/or price increases from fuel and energy prices both in the short and long term. 

We just want to keep you in the loop.

The good news is that for now we are not looking to raise our prices and want to encourage you to order what you may need as soon as you can so that we can ensure our continued supply at the best price. Do not worry if you cannot store what you order we can hold it and deliver as and when you need it.

We have now also been able to set up a reward scheme on our website. You can get Points with signing up to our newsletters, following us on our social media pages and by purchasing with us on our website. You will be able to redeem your points on your orders on the website only. There is also a gift from us on your Birthday which can be redeemed.

We are working on a list ( to donate specialist products to our conservation friends in Ukraine. If you want to buy anything to add to this we will give a special discount on the order and ship to Ukraine for free. Please inform us that you are doing this and we will apply this to your order, please call us or email us directly to make this order.

Please contact us for more details if required