Midlands Conservators' Visit to Conservation Resources Heritage Centre on the day of their soft opening (November 20, 2023)

We were delighted to host The Midlands Conservators Group Meeting at the soft opening of the Conservation Resources Heritage Centre on November 20, 2023.

The proceedings commenced with formal introductions, setting the stage for a comprehensive overview of the centre historical significance on the Upper Heyford site, the home of the former RAF base.

A focal point of the day was the exploration of archival products and the intricate processes associated with box manufacturing for preservation. Attendees were provided with valuable insights into the approach to manufacturing at Conservation Resources now we have Martin Stammberger (ex Klug) on the team.

Renowned conservation expert, Marie Chappell from NCS, led a rigorous session delving into the nuanced applications and benefits of freezing techniques in conservation, using our freezer services here on site.

The practical segment of the day involved a hands-on workshop where participants actively engaged in the creation of bespoke boxes under the expert guidance of our in-house professionals. This practical experience served as a tangible application of theoretical knowledge.

A formal networking luncheon provided a conducive environment for conservators to exchange professional experiences and ideas, fostering a collaborative spirit among the participants.

Our own in-house conservator, Caroline discussed her role within the team and the interactive Q&A forum allowed for an open discourse, enabling attendees to seek clarification on presented topics and share challenges encountered in their respective conservation challenges.

In conclusion, the day wrapped up with a comprehensive recapitulation of key insights and a formal expression of gratitude to the Conservation Resources Heritage Centre and Marie Chappell for their invaluable contributions. Anticipation for future collaborations and initiatives was communicated, underlining the commitment to ongoing professional development within the field of conservation.

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