Olly the Ox

Back in 2011 the famous Olly the Ox statue outside Oxford United's Kassam stadium was vandalised, with the entire statue painted a striking pink colour. Although providing the local charity ‘Against Breast Cancer’ with an opportunity for a fundraising campaign it provided a challenge for how to restore the statue to its original glory.

Vandalised Statue

Bradford Decorating and Construction of Oxford were tasked with restoring the statue and they provided an excellent service, using Safer* Paint & Varnish Remover as provided by Conservation Resources.

Olly the Ox restored to his former glory

As you can see from the photo of Olly the Ox, the Safer* Paint & Varnish Remover provided the perfect solution to correct the vandalised statue to its prior form. Safer* Paint & Varnish Remover is a patented, non-caustic, non-methylene chloride, all-purpose paint remover gel created by Ithiel Mogridge at Action Products (Bristol) Ltd. This wonderful paint remover has been in production and for sale for about twenty years providing a non-toxic solution to remove paint, varnish and adhesive residues from a variety of substrates. We are working closely with Ithiel to ensure the team at Conservation Resources can provide the knowledge and advice for the safe use of Safer* Paint & Varnish Remover.

If you would like to purchase Safer* Paint & Varnish Remover follow the link here.

*SAFER* than products based on highly flammable methylal or toxic methanol”