Product of the month – Smoke Sponges

Smoke sponges are now our biggest seller into the heritage conservation market. These vulcanised natural rubber sponges are used to clean soot, dirt and smoke damage from many materials where dry cleaning is essential i.e. on paper, wood, metal, ceramics etc. These sponges are perfect for cleaning overhead surfaces too, because they are used dry to eliminate dripping cleaning solution.

The contaminated objects should be worked with light pressure on a discreet area first, before applying the cleaning process on to larger areas. As an area of the sponge becomes embedded with contaminants, simply choose a clean surface of the sponge and continue cleaning.

When the entire surface of the smoke sponge is dirty, it can be cleaned with an appropriate detergent making sure that the rubber does not begin to break down. Alternatively, the sponge can be cut into smaller sections to reveal clean surfaces.

Completely safe and non-toxic. These provide a great solution to non-invasive cleaning. Available in two different sizes and at very competitive prices, to order yours click here.